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About Us

Getting dressed is something we do every day and for most, it may seem dreadful and unbearable. The overwhelming feeling of "what to wear" for a lot of women can make you feel defeated and less confident in not only what you're wearing, but in your day and tasks you have to complete.


How many of you have said the following..."I'll just throw this on for today," or "I don't really like what I'm wearing, but it'll do," or "this shirt doesn't look as good on me as it did on her?" Sound familiar? Well, NO MORE!


We here at ChiclyMe want you to wake up and feel empowered by what hangs in your closet, or if you're like me, your "CLOSETS!" *wink*


Because let's be honest, putting clothing on your body is unavoidable and when you do so, we want you to feel confident, beautiful and empowered to take on whatever the day holds like a BOSS!


With Chicly Me we will help take your wardrobe from DRAB to NEXT LEVEL FAB, from a boring task to liberated fun, all while making sure we capitalize on your individual style. So we admonish you to trust us with your vision of your next best wardrobe.


Let's get styling!



Chicly Me

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