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Hi there loves!

I’m Ebony and I love all things style and beauty! I see women get overwhelmed with the feeling that style is unattainable, but here, we dispel the idea that great style is beyond your reach.   As your style and beauty guide, I hope you enjoy and are inspired as I share my passion of helping women maximize and build their wardrobe to its greatest potential…while also providing my unique spin on personal styling!


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About Us

About Us

Getting dressed is something we do every day and for most, it may seem dreadful and unbearable. The overwhelming feeling of "what to wear" for a lot of women can make you feel defeated and less confident in not only what you're wearing, but in your day and tasks you have to complete.


How many of you have said the following..."I'll just throw this on for today," or "I don't really like what I'm wearing, but it'll do," or "this shirt doesn't look as good on me as it did on her."
Well, NO MORE!


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